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  ALPHA Messaging Software

Program your ALPHA electronic message display from your desktop PC. The software comes complete with everything you need to get your message up and running. Program your message with the touch of a button, and adjust your messages in a moment's notice.

• Software CD
• EZ Install Guide
• Online Help
• 25-ft RS232 Cable
• 9-pin Adapter

ALPHA Messaging
Product Brochure (Pdf)

Online mini-demo:
Click here for software demo.

  Features include:

Easy to install and use, flexible programming
Create messages on your PC in the color, font and layout as on your sign.
Select from available sign animations.
Insert actual time and date in your messages.
Specify attributes such as presentation styles and idle time.

  System requirements:

PC with CD-ROM drive and mouse.
VGA/SVGA color monitor.
16MB RAM or greater.
Windows© 95/98, NT 4.0.
486 Processor or higher.

Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control is a tool kit for programmers -- a set of programming utilities to simplify the creation of software programs that communicate between business applications and Alpha message centers.

Any application that supports the use of ActiveX controls can be interfaced easily to Alpha message centers using Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control. Such ActiveX applications include:

• Manufacturing software with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
• Business applications, including Microsoft Excel
• Development environments, including Visual Basic and Visual C++
• Includes tools to trigger messages, alarms and display real-time information.

Easy to install and configure. New and existing software applications can be modified to include the Alpha marquee driver in minutes. Communicates with Alpha message centers via LAN and TCP/IP or via most Serial COM Port protocols.

  Features include:

Display real-time production statistics.
Broadcast event and alarm conditions.
Control text attributes such as color, font, flashing, etc.
Display your existing database messages.
All options can be set programmatically at run time.
Ethernet LAN and TCP/IP supported.
Serial communication protocols supported.
Easy to install and use.

  Software Features Include:

  • Initializes the network connection and the display
Change Mode:
  • Changes the current operational mode of the display (Statistics vs. Alarms)
  • Sends a soft reset to the display
Update Variable:
  • Updates a variable field on the display
Quick Display:
  • Sends a text string to the display desired
  • Adds an alarm to the control's alarm queue
AlarmAck/AlarmAck All:

• Removes one or all alarms from the control's alarm queue

  AlphaNET Programming Software

AlphaNET messaging software enhances every aspect of electronic messaging–from sending and creating, to the editing of text, animations and graphics. AlphaNET software brings together all the essential tools for realizing the full potential of Alpha® displays, with unique features that include: high-level capabilities for group messaging (via serial, modem, wireless or LAN network), an animation library and support for .GIF and .BMP files, calendar/date message scheduling, Jasc® Paint Shop Pro, Animation Shop Pro (PSP), Site Manager, and Message Emulator, all within a useful and intuitive interface.

Create multiple messages to communicate special events, incentives, news, and congratulations that contain text with logos, graphics and animations. For added versatility and message enhancement, included is a unique counter feature to display the minutes, hours or days to an event or occasion.

• Software CD
EZ Install Guide
Online Help
Paint Shop Pro V5.03
Animation Shop

AlphaNET Product Brochure (Pdf)

AlphaNET V3.0
Full Demo (8.4MB)

AlphaNET V3.0
Upgrade (11.5MB)

  Features include:

  Schedule messages to display at different times, locations and days.
“Message Simulator” allows you to view messages before they are actually displayed.
Allows user to have a network of displays via serial addressing, modems, wireless, and Local Area Network (LAN).
Enables use of graphics and animations in popular formats.
Contains a counter feature to display minutes, hours or days to an event.
Supports international characters.
Ability to send messages to individual or groups of signs.
Includes ActiveX control for real-time applications.
Provides support for Alpha plug-ins.
Supports a wide variety of scanners.

The Simulator is used to preview messages, text, graphics and animations that you create.

The Message Editor is used to create messages for displays. Text graphics and animations can be used in messages.

PSP Animation Shop features high-quality, easy-to-use creative effects, features, and optimization options. Create .gif images in one or hundreds of colors and animation effects.

ALPHA Ethernet Adapter II

Simply attach the ALPHA® Ethernet Adapter II to the back of a display and connect your Ethernet cable to the Adapter. The ALPHA Ethernet Adapter II is easily configured remotely over your network. No external power supply is required as the Adapter is powered directly by the display.
Where several displays are connected together via an RS485 network, the MSS485 version is available to easily connect multiple signs to one IP address on a 10BaseT network.

...For information on connecting to the following networks: Serial (RS232/RS485 & modem), Wireless, Ethernet, Industrial (Profibus DP, Modbus Plus, and DeviceNet)

ALPHA Ethernet Adapter II Product Brochure (Pdf)

  Features include:

  Easy connectivity to existing LANs.
Networking via TCP/IP 10/100BaseT.
Connection to Global Sign's full line of standard Outdoor Displays.
Simple user setup of the IP address.

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