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August 3, 2006


Contact: Jarett Svihra
Global Sign & Design, Inc.
Contact: Eric Pabian
Global Sign & Design, Inc.

Global Sign & Design, Inc. Making the Area “Modern”

Digital Sign Suppliers from Beaver Falls Install Sign at Local Business

YOUNGSTOWN – August 3, 2006 – Their message is simple – and it’s also easy to see. Suppliers of LED digital message boards, Global Sign & Design, Inc., are hoping to get the attention of local businesses with their modern solution to advertising.

The company, located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, is currently installing a sign at Modern Office Products in Boardman, Ohio. The digital message board will not only identify the business’ name from miles away, but will advertise anything and everything they want their customers to know.

Advancements in technology have made this new form of advertising a no-brainer for businesses small and large. The signs are capable of being seen from a great distance as people drive by a company’s location, and they’re also able to change messages and graphics as needed. All of this, for a one time investment, has proven to increase business while costing less than traditional forms of advertising.

Global Sign is hoping the fad will catch on in the Youngstown area. “When one business puts up a digital sign, other businesses in the area begin to feel inferior,” Global Sign’s President, Jarett Svihra, said. “As we’ve been experiencing, this then gives those other businesses the incentive to purchase their own sign.”

For now, those riding down South Avenue in Boardman will see the sign at Modern Office Products shining day and night; a shining star in the eyes of the others, jealous as they sit in the dark.

Global Sign & Design, Inc. is a supplier of indoor and outdoor LED digital message boards. Digital displays are designed as an advertising solution for the promotion of small and large businesses at a local, regional, and national level. For more information, call 1.800.325.4904 or visit on the Web.

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