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Summer 2008


Contact: Jarett Svihra
Global Sign & Design, Inc.

Fixer Upper

Gilarno's Auto Repair becomes first in area with digital

Freedom, PA – Summer 2008 – Got a cracked windshield? Bad brakes? Need an oil change? These problems can be overwhelming to fix on your own. That's where Gilarno's Auto Repair comes in!

In these tough economical times, when you need quality service for your car at the right price, Gilarno's is here to help. The Auto Repair shop, located at 899 Third Avenue in Freedom, PA, is now the proud owner of a new digital sign. But, what is so reeling about this new addition is, it is the first and only digital sign in the entire city of Freedom! Gilarno's chose to buy a AlphaEclipse 17MM StreetSmart Series Display made by the manufacturer Adaptive. To complement this new addition, the sign has had a new structure and sign base installed for it with an aluminum pole cover to compliment the sign and make the overall look more robust. In this structure is also an identification sign that is 5' by 8' with impressive solar grade lexan faces. Now that's showing off to the neighborhood! Global is proud to provide a quality sign to a shop that need no words, won't have to worry about fixing this piece anytime soon!

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