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Spring 2011


Contact: Jarett Svihra
Global Sign & Design, Inc.

Back for Seconds

Global Sign is headed back to Neshanick Township

New Castle, PA– Spring 2011 – The Place-Neshanick Township, The Purchaser-Parco's Flooring Outlet, The Provider-Global Sign and Design, Inc.. Sounds like a comeback setting, huh? Well, actually it's a coming back story! Global is finally returning to Neshanick after 7 long years!

Kevin and Craig Marett of Parco's Flooring Outlet, located at 1905 Wilmington Road, New Castle, PA, have recently come into contact with Global Sign and has asked them to install a brand new sign structure. It has been 7 years since Global has stepped foot into Neshanick and they're ready to take on the challenge. The first digital sign ever put into the area was back in 2004, when Global installed an Adaptive Classic Series sign for Tuscany Square Restaurant and they're ready to make waves once more. The new stucture will have an impressive Watchfire 19MM Full Color RGB Display, and will host tenant panels for the neighboring Glotique Sun Spa and A Grand Day Bridal Boutique. The structure is estimated to be completed in May and it's sure to be the talk of the town. This surely will be another great addition to Globals history books and proves for quality service and products, Global "floors" the competition every time!

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