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Spring 2009


Contact: Jarett Svihra
Global Sign & Design, Inc.

Roll them Bones!

Meadows Casino and Racetrack hits jackpot with Global

Washington, PA – Spring 2009 – Slots, Craps, Blackjack, these are the typical run of the mill games people play at the casino. But, a new game is being played at The Meadows Casino and Racetrack and not just anyone can play. The name of the game is digital signs and the best at this game...none other than Global Sign.

When Global got the call from Mike Jeannot, who was directly in charge of selecting who would get The Meadows Casino and Racetrack's new sign contract, they new this was going to be a huge project. The casino had previous to this contract, called upon Global to redo there original motif until a more permanent structure was built, almost assuring the contract to Global down the road. Not to mention, that Global was also one of the only companies in the entire state that was registered with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The Meadows, which is owned by Cannery Casinos, had decided that they were going to have a complete redo of all of their current signs. The biggest piece to be done, was their current sign structure, which Global had previously done. They chose to use to existing site and completely redo the existing structure. The new structure which stands at over 44'7" tall, showcases an impressive 20MM Daktronics Galaxy Pro Revolution Series Display. The display itself is 18.1 feet wide and 9.9 feet high, and has a matrix that is 272MM by 144MM. Now that's a casino quality sign! The new structure also has an attractions panel and has all channel lettering, all accented with neon lights for nighttime viewing capability. Along with this impressive new sign, the casino also had Global manufacture and install directional signs, as well as putting up new wall lettering and speed limits signs. That's alot to handle for one company and surely a job like this is not to be given to just anyone, that's why Global Sign and Design is the leader in digital signs!

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