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September, 2006


Contact: Jarett Svihra
Global Sign & Design, Inc.
Contact: Eric Pabian
Global Sign & Design, Inc.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Living in Color

BEAVER FALLS – September 2006 – Black and white television has evolved into today’s high definition color plasma screen TVs. Now being able to see every muscle of the quarterback as he’s being tackled to the ground or the gunpowder coming from a soldier’s rifle makes it appear as though there’s no boundary between the television and the audience.

A business wants to blur the lines between itself and its potential audience in the same way. A retail shop, or even a church or a school, tries to connect itself with patrons as much as possible. Well, Global Sign & Design, Inc. has found a perfect opportunity to connect these entities with the audience they’re trying to reach. A recent purchase of a full-color, 5 foot by 10 foot digital video demo display has the sign company ready to cross all boundaries and let the world live in color.

Global Sign has already been donating its smaller, one-color demo unit to the community for local events, but this new unit will offer great opportunities for businesses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Just imagine owning a bar and having the ability to show the Steelers games on this big screen display in your parking lot while patrons enjoy being outside, grilling and sipping on cocktails. Or imagine using the video demo at Pittsburgh’s Great Race and seeing close-ups of the participants as they cross the finish line. The capabilities are endless.

By the beginning of November 2006, Global Sign & Design will be offering the video trailer as a rental for any community, school, sporting, or personal events. The calendar is sure to fill up quick, so anyone interested should contact the company today. Call 800.325.4904 or e-mail inquiries to For more information about Global Sign, visit their Web site at Get the community excited about your business, school, church, etc. – connect with them in living color

Global Sign & Design, Inc. is a supplier of indoor and outdoor LED digital message boards. Digital displays are designed as an advertising solution for the promotion of small and large businesses at a local, regional, and national level. For more information, call 1.800.325.4904 or visit on the Web.

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