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JUNE, 2006


Contact: Jarett Svihra
Global Sign & Design, Inc.
Contact: Eric Pabian
Global Sign & Design, Inc.

Global “Excite”ment

Adaptive™ Offers an “Exciting” New Twist on Digital Displays

BEAVER FALLS – June 2006 – Brighter colors, unlimited graphic capabilities, and life-size animations dancing toward you while driving down the interstate, sums up what’s brought about the new digital craze. Electronic message centers have become capable of producing quality digital images so mesmerizing, customers’ attention is instantly drawn to them. This is just the attention businesses have been trying to receive through investing in other advertising over the years.

What does this new digital craze mean? Old media is being replaced with a new era of advertising. Those who have “seen the light” and purchased a digital message board for their location have seen a huge increase in business. The attractiveness of these digital signs has amplified as they are becoming more and more technologically advanced.

Adaptive, a manufacturer of digital LED displays, has introduced a new product line called Alpha Eclipse Excite. This line includes: Digital electronic message centers that display 20 frames per second; Digital video-boards that set a new standard for high speed video imaging at 60 frames per second; and Digital ticker style displays featuring ticker type news/data applications using RSS feeds.

Digital PureColor Technology allows direct digital connections between source video and digital LCD monitors to provide faster, higher-quality images to be produced. This digital video interface connection is standard for high-end HD flat panel technology. This allows the Alpha Eclipse Excite products to function like gigantic flat panel monitors with high speed Ethernet connectivity throughout. The products also have the capability of producing a combination of 16.7 million colors and downloading large files to include endless graphics and animations.
Adaptive products are ahead of the game when it comes to the competition. Neither of Adaptive’s top two competitors have the latest Digital/DVI technology or the free sealed protector case that guarantees to protect each sign from the dirt, rain, and snow. Adaptive’s Alphamation content library also has more graphic choices and color selections than other LED outdoor advertising companies.

All of the choices offered could make new users dizzy with information. Adaptive makes sure customers are fully capable of utilizing the products to their full potential through a Web-based training program delivered directly to a company’s desktop PC.

Global Sign & Design, Inc. is a commercial dealer of Adaptive products. They also make certain their customers know how to operate their signs. From the moment a business takes interest in purchasing a sign, the company will extend an invitation to price, measure, and explain everything involving placing a sign at the location. They will show the benefits of purchasing a sign by calculating its return on investment. Also, the size of the drive-by audience is measured in terms of cost per thousand, proving that a digital LED display is the most dynamic on-premise advertising solution because it will reach the target audience at a high rate of frequency.

Information is available for businesses interested in this technologically advanced form of advertising. Global Sign & Design, Inc. is located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. They service companies across the country that are open to this new media as a way of advertising.

Global Sign & Design, Inc. is a supplier of indoor and outdoor LED digital message boards. Digital displays are designed as an advertising solution for the promotion of small and large businesses at a local, regional, and national level. For more information, call 1.800.325.4904 or visit on the Web.

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